Fire Related Lumber & Plastics

Platinum Supply Corp offers fire rated, flame retardant products.  Flame retardants are used in building materials and products to meet important fire safety standards and codes.  Flame retardants stop or slow the spread of fire and provide time to get to safety. 

Flame retardants are used to raise the threshold temperature at which a material ignites, reduce the rate at which the material burns and minimize the spread of flames.

Alot of jobsites mandate the use of fire rated products.  Platinum Supply is there to deliver the product in the time frame needed at a reasonable cost.

We offer a large variety of Fire Rated and Flame Retardant products.  If you do not see what you are looking for chances are they have not yet been posted to our website.  So please call the office at 631-569-4260 or email us at

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